Environmental, Social and Governance

Governance is a key element in the Private Equity landscape for all LPs globally and especially for BTC

Black Toro Capital is a member of Invest Europe (Europe), UN PRI (Europe) and Ascri (Spain) and following the guidelines of these three associations: BTC has defined a questionnaire with a number of relevant KPIs for each portfolio company which they fulfill on an annual basis.


The questionnaire includes questions that focus on “ESG” policies and their monitoring is used to identify significant issues and opportunities that require a more detailed technical evaluation or that needs to be corrected during the investment period and which can be applied to other portfolio companies, creating opportunities to further improve portfolio companies’ governance.


BTC has developed and designed a global report focusing not only on all aspects of Black Toro Capital’s corporate governance but also on the evaluation of the quality and needs in the corporate governance area of it’s portfolio companies.


For BTC ESG is not only a transparency tool but an additional method of creating long-term value in Black Toro Capital’s portfolio companies. BTC adapts these ESG guidelines to all the companies we invest in and make it a new standard for the PE industry.